Membership List

The Council is comprised of a maximum of 13 members appointed by the Governor to serve staggered three-year terms. One additional member is the Governor's representative. At least six members must be people with a physical disability, and at least one member must be a provider of services to people with physical disabilities.

Current Membership List:

  • Benjamin Barrett, Chairperson
  • Kurt Roskopf, Vice Chairperson
  • Joanne Zimmerman, Secretary
  • Casey Himebauch, Representing Gov. Scott Walker's Office
  • Roberto Escamilla II
  • Jeff Fox
  • Noah Hershkowitz
  • Ronald J. Jansen
  • John Meissner
  • Karen Secor
  • Charles Vandenplas
  • Vacancy, Consumer Representation
  • Vacancy, Parent/Relative Representative
  • Vacancy, Parent/Relative Representative