Emergency Preparedness Toolkit for Persons with Disabilities

Emergency Preparedness Toolkit, Tools, and Resources

The Emergency Preparedness Toolkit includes information about evacuation and escape planning, including evacuation procedures and devices. It also includes all the tools and resources listed individually below.

Toolkit Resources in Other Formats


The Emergency Preparedness Toolkit audio files
*Please note: Pages 19 through 23 are not currently available. Information referenced on these pages can be found at Texas A&M University's Tips for First Responders.


A limited number of copies of the Emergency Preparedness Toolkit are available in Braille. For more information on obtaining a copy, contact the DHS staff support person, Maia Stitt at Maia.Stitt@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Toolkit Resources in Other Languages

Emergency Preparedness Toolkit in Spanish

*Toolkit resources listed above were translated into Spanish using the May 2018 version of the toolkit.

Emergency Preparedness Presentations

The Council has prepared two presentations on the toolkit. The general presentation includes information on the Council, explains how the Council works on emergency preparedness, why the Council created this toolkit, what tools and resources are included in the toolkit, and tips for communicating with elderly and people with disabilities during emergency situations.

The outreach presentation is targeted to service providers, first responders, volunteers, and other stakeholders who may have to respond and work with people with disabilities during an emergency or natural disaster. This presentation includes the items listed in the general presentation as well as Psychological First Aid, information on disability sensitive, disability etiquette, and apps designed for volunteers and first responders working with people with disabilities. A copy of each presentation is below.

See Council members present on the Emergency Preparedness Toolkit. Visit https://independencefirst.teachable.com, create a username and password, and watch the Be Prepared Have a Plan Webinar Training. Videos are closed-captioned.

About the Emergency Preparedness Toolkit

This toolkit is a product of years of work by past and present members of the Wisconsin Council on Physical Disabilities. After witnessing what happened to people with physical disabilities in the wake of hurricanes Rita and Katrina, the Council knew more work needed to be done to ensure the safety and protect the lives of people, especially those with physical disabilities, before and during emergencies and natural disasters.

Emergency Preparedness Toolkit Press Release - September 5, 2017 - Press Release

The Emergency Preparedness Toolkit was originally developed by the Wisconsin Association of the Deaf in partnership with the Wisconsin Office for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The Wisconsin Council on Physical Disabilities expresses gratitude to the Association for allowing them to utilize these materials and to modify them to address the needs of people with physical and other disabilities.

The Wisconsin Council on Physical Disabilities Emergency Preparedness Toolkit serves as a resource tool providing all people, particularly those individuals with physical or other disabilities, emergency preparedness information including tips, checklists, wallet card, visual communications tool, and other resources to be prepared and have a plan for emergencies and natural disasters.

The Wisconsin Council on Physical Disabilities and the Wisconsin Association of the Deaf disclaim any liability for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages, losses, or expenses arising in connection with your use of or inability to use the this toolkit, or in connection with any failure of acts related to disaster or emergency preparedness.

If you are interested in Council members presenting on the Emergency Preparedness Toolkit at your meeting, conference, or other community meeting/event, please contact the DHS staff support person, Maia Stitt.